have you heard?

this photo was stolen from Google

The world is ending on May 21st.  
I understand 
the world's demise was predicted once before
 amazingly it was wrong.  


May 21st is not the end of the world
 lets get this straight 
I dont want any of you running 
hither and yon 

 May 21st is Judgment Day.
The true official last day of the world is 
October 21st.  


I was a little nervous 
I hadnt begun to repent 
now I have more time. 

I do wonder how accurate this is because the same source cites:  
the year 4990 BC - The flood of Noah’s day. 
All perished in a worldwide flood. 
Only Noah, his wife, and his 3 sons and their wives survived in the ark 
(6023 years from creation).  


What about those animals that boarded the Ark two by two?  

Maybe this is really a new show from JJ Abrams, 
he's prolific and has an amazing imagination 
Just check out his new series Alcatraz 
oh, sorry, don't mean to tease.

if this is for reals, well, 
you'll get to see an episode or two

I dont know when Fox begins its new fall season.


  1. I just saw this and I am so upset...I mean, damn, I had plans for Saturday with my daughter...don't go ruining that for me please!

  2. love the cats paw, the three 'finests' & your crack report on the world's end, Dar!

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral




  3. This just cracks me up...
    supposedly it all starts
    on the 21st at 6 pm... guess I will
    wait on starting dinner.. maybe I
    won't have to cook afterall..

  4. This week is the first time I've heard the world ends on May 21. I must not read the right crap to get all this information. I was planning on cleaning my house and then relaxing with a book on the 21st. When is this world ending thing supposed to be over so I can get back to my book?

  5. I have heard! It seems the topic is beginning to heat up this week...And I had just begun making plans for Memorial Day!!

    I have not yet seen a fancy bus driving around with the announcement though!

  6. Yes, I saw those damn vans last Sunday!
    I'm going to Union Square on Saturday morning.
    Do you think I'll have time to get my plants in before
    all the excitement starts?

  7. Awesome, now I don't have to worry about buying a new dishwasher or cutting the grass.

  8. I am glad my hubby will be back from his travels so we can all be together in the end :)

  9. I love how subtle your sarcasm is
    I think I'm going to dance around the neighborhood naked - it's not like they'll ever see me again

  10. Luckily I already planned The Brat Child's birthday party for tomorrow May 21st so my family will be seeing in Judgement Day with a bang. It is unfortunate that I won't see my next Birthday as it's Oct 26th and we will have all perished by then. But at least I'll never be older than 35.

  11. it simply cant... i have not made it to NYC yet... and wont mak it there this weekend either...

  12. We have tix to see "Animal Crackers" at 8pm tomorrow. We were going to make dinner reservations for 6, but perhaps we'll dine afterward (if there is an afterward.)

  13. I just don't know what to say. Maybe they are right. But then again - "they" thought that Y2K would send us back into the stone ages. And we all saw how THAT worked out.

  14. Snort! I'll add that to my bucket list.

    wv: This is so stonogi , he needs to cut back on his inhalations.

  15. I am so eating that bag of Cheetos for dinner.

  16. Thanks for the out loud laugh this morning!
    I'll be sitting on my patio waiting to watch the rapture! NOT! :-)

  17. Oh, right. I forgot all about this. Thanks for reminding me.

  18. Well thank goodness I have until October to get my hair done. I want to look good for THE END. Oh, and I need to get a new set of luggage for the trip too.



  19. I wish old Noah would have thought twice about saving the stink bugs.


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