three on thursday

Looks like its going to be down to the wire
a photo finish perhaps?
Seems as if the yellow pedicab has the advantage of being empty
it looks as if the red one is about to win the race!

There was no race, nope.

Just some tourists with a lot of $$ 
to hire a pedicabs to peddle around the park
its the new way to see the park 
 the old way: horse and carriage


  1. It does look life fun but give me a horse, anyday!

  2. Nice addition, but I'd rather go in a horse and carriage!

  3. Saw a lot of pedi-cabs in Savannah.
    After walking for hours, I might be
    tempted to take one back to the hotel.

  4. The sign in front is a funny touch :).

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  5. 5 years ago, hubby and I went to NYC to celebrate our 50th birthdays (we're 11 days apart) in December. You might remember this...on his birthday (the 20th) the city had a mass transit strike. Taxis were impossible to hire and we had reservations at Tavern on the Green. The only thing we could get was a rickshaw and it was one of the favorite memories of our stay!!

    Great photo!

  6. Reminds me of when MY WIFE and I took a rickshaw when we visited Toronto. The one thing we hadn't counted on, and which has stuck with us, is that we would be drafting the driver's intense sweat. P-U!

  7. I always wonder how much the peddlers make...

  8. Now I can get a job when I get there and get in shape at the same time:-)

  9. Well that's not something you see every day. Well maybe YOU see it every day, but we'd never see such a sight around here.

    Very interesting concept, although I far prefer the horse-drawn carriage.

    (Not that I've ever ridden in one, mind you, or that we have those around here either.)

  10. one would hope a little less stinky than the horse and carriage option, though...

  11. What fun! I think it would break the bank and the back of the driver to carry me. . .:O)
    Happy St. Patty's day!

  12. Oh this is just great. Love these little environmentally friendly cabbies. FUN!

  13. I'm not sure. I think I'd prefer ye olde horse/carriage, but if I was tired (which is more often these days) I would probably jump in a pedi-cab...

    If I was feeling peppy, though, I'd walk...that's the only way to get the photos you way in the manner you want!

  14. I love that this looks like a race AND that you captured one of each color!

  15. I suppose the advantage is there's no poop left behind the carriage this way.

  16. Terrific transportation alternative! Exercise, good for environment and a great photo op!!

  17. Personally, I love walking through Central Park when I'm visiting the city. Walking from Gray's on the West Side & then through CP on my way to get back to 34th so I can hop onto a PATH train and rest in Jersey City with a gorgeous view of Manhattan or hop on the Amtrak to bring me, begrudgingly, back home to DC is my idea of a perfect afternoon. I love that city to pieces! I'll leave the Pedi-cab and the Horse & Carriage to the true tourists because I don't want a once in a lifetime visit, I want to scope out the spots that will become my regulars once I move there!


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