this & that tuesday

Last week I was on my way home, walking down 80th Street.
It was late, it was getting dark and it was cold.
Midway down the street there was a barricade of saw horses blocking my path.
I would have gone around it, walked in the street but there was a car parked .. did I mention it was late, cold and dark?.

So I did what any annoyed New Yorker would have done.
I moved the saw horse and walked .. through fresh, not quite hardened, cement

Left my mark, so to speak

On Saturday afternoon
I took that and this
to show off my dainty size 10.5 imprint ..
but it is there for ..
well ..
til forever ..

And then there was this.
On Sunday after the NYC Marathon

This Marathon Man
celebrated completing the 26.5 mile run
with a cigar and his Blackberry

Clickin' will embiggin all the pix


  1. So, you have left your mark for all to see, forever!

    How very typical of today's world - the marathon man and his blackberry.

  2. Now that's how the West was Won. Stogie chomping men of iron will and endurance, pitting themselves against the elements, wild animals, restless natives, rotgut whiskey and women of easy virtue. None of that Stairmaster crap for those guys, nosireebob! You have captured a true Renaissance man here!

    As for the concrete... I hope it didn't trash your shoes. Judging from the imprint, they weren't cheap. But I have to wonder what brain surgeon decided to close of the entire sidewalk in the middle of the block like that. In the words of one of America's great philosophers, "What a maroon!"

  3. You have left your mark...indefinitely!

  4. Hey we wear the same size shoe. Too funny about your permanent imprint. The marathon celebrant is a classic. A cigar, what every runner needs, NOT.

  5. Love the shape of your shoe my friend. Almost looks funky!

  6. Impressive....

    you shoulda left your copyright
    mark beside the imprint.

    I can just see this being a stop
    for a busload of shutterbug tourists..

  7. Yeah, but did your shoes survive? Great way to live forever...;p

  8. Interesting. Your mark in the cement and the fact that whomever poured it left if still wet. Around here, the concrete finisher stays with the fresh concrete to avoid such things. And to keep animals, small children, bikes and yes, lovely high heels from imprinting the "job." I really wonder how long your imprint will be there or will a jackhammer man tear it out so it can be re-done. Great Monochrome Weekly photo. And thanks for visiting my blog. :)

  9. LOL too funny! They look like great shoes - I hope they survived! :)

  10. The sidewalks are Darylized now!

    And cool shoes. (I can tell).

  11. freekin' A-okay!! You are my Hero!!
    (would be a great header for out and about ... just saying...)

  12. I love the cigar - that's just priceless

    I will need to visit your footprint and leave small tokens of my adoration :)

  13. Those shoes would completely do my flat feet in. I wouldn't have made it home...wet cement or not. My hat's off to you...You are my high heeled hero!

  14. Well that foot print will be forever there, I may look for it next time I visit NY.

  15. Hollywood has the Walk of Fame, and New York has the Walk of the Dame.

    Dame Daryl.

    When we visit New York I want to have my picture taken right next to your foot print.

  16. Ha.. too funny. One day, I'll make it back to NYC and you'll have to show me that famous corner. ;)

  17. oh my gosh, this is classic!! it's beyond good! and as your header, it's perfect - how did your shoes hold up?

  18. I knew you would leave your mark, I just didn't know when or how!


    Love the shot of the marathoner, too.

  19. I look forward to the NY walking tour to see your footprint...

  20. Oh, you should have reached down and written Daryl! It could have been a monument!

  21. LOVE your shoes girlfriend and love the print forever in NYC cement. When I visit, I want to go see them.

  22. funny! i hope you didn't ruin your show in the process!

  23. Brilliant! It makes a wonderful header too--the Darylizer takes Manhattan!

  24. Love the prints! I don't know how you walk in shoes like that??? I give you props for it =)

  25. Permanent footprints in time. And among the fallen ginkgo leaves. Beautiful.

  26. I like that! You Darylized NYC! Good one MPM!

  27. this is great Daryl. You have very classy footprints.
    Not only do we share the same birthday, we share the same shoe size!

  28. PS
    I love the shot of your marathon man-it really is perfect!

  29. That guy had probably been waiting weeks to reward himself with that cigar! Love the imprint you left on your lovely city.

  30. Now that's a 'stylish' shoe imprint lol! Love the runner too, reminds me of a thing Mr Big would do!


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