weekend recappage

some weekends are better than others 
i said it

 this weekend 
was stellar

much as i dont love 
humidity or excessive heat 
i will take 
a sunny day
 a rainy one

 no weather complaints 

it was 
 friday afternoon
the new york botanical gardens

my favorite spot 
in the acres of beauty
 that comprise the gardens 
 the enid a. haunt conservatory 
the amazing lotus and water lily ponds

of course 
i shlepped the big camera
of course
 i was sorry i only had the 35mm lens
 if i had either of the larger lenses 
i could have gotten a fabulous shot of the many dragonflies

friday evening
 toonman and i went to the theatre
we havent been to a broadway show in 6 years
the last show we saw was spamalot

we braved 
the insanity 
 the crowds along broadway
 walking to the st james theatre

i swear 
there were so many people
 that the sidewalks were impassable
 you had to walk at the pace of tourists

 no one
 to 'get' 
stay to your right

 at 45th street 
we got separated 
when i couldn't see toonman in the crowd 
i momentarily panicked 
 i decided 
he knew where the theatre was
i cut through shubert alley to 44th
 picked up the tickets at the will call window 
then there he was
 looking for me 

very very crowded 
does not 
the streets in the theatre district 

oh what did we see?
we saw 
something rotten

which was
 the total
 of rotten

i beautified
i lazed
i did nothing

more beautification
more nothing

was your weekend busy?


  1. Oh, I love botanical gardens - and this one is lovely. Fabulous shots!

  2. Sounds like a glorious weekend (except for the crowded streets part). Mr. BFR was away for the weekend so I (as you know) cut my book collection down. I've never been to the botanical gardens in NYC -- I'll put it on my list to visit (camera in tow)


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