water tower

a bright crisp saturday afternoon
 looking down
 broadway or maybe it was amsterdam
 i am lucky
 i can remember
 where i am now
 as for
 where i was then
 i dont even remember when when was

  do you have memory issues?

i know
 once upon a time
 i never wrote anything down
 i had such an amazing memory

 if i dont do
 whatever it is 
i was thinking of doing
 right at that moment 
chances are
 i will forget

 lets not even discuss 
the number of times
 i have got up
 from somewhere 
to go get or do something
 walked to do it
 had no idea 
 i was going

 i exaggerate

 i call it 

 as in
 some times i remember
 some times i don't 


  1. I know exactly how you feel. So much to remember, so many new things to learn, so much stuff we already know...can't remember what I'm going into the next room for, but could tell you where we ate two years ago on vacation.
    Called CRS around here - Can't Remember S***!

  2. My amazing memory ran away with my amazingly svelte body. Damn it all to pieces! I now have to write everything down as well and then hopefully remember where the piece of paper is that I wrote it down on. Age. Bah!!

  3. One of my new cameras has a GPS built inside so I don't have to remember where I was but I forget how to use the feature.

  4. That gorgeous sky is such a perfect backdrop for the water tower.
    Don't even get me started on the memory thing!
    My problem is writing things down and then forgetting where I put all of the little Post-Its. :-(

    Have a fantastic day, Daryl!

  5. Argh! I know what you mean. Love this one on its stilts against a blue, blue sky.

  6. Oh, I know exactly what you mean. I leave myself little notes everywhere! I'm glad you remember to photograph the water towers for us!

  7. Sometimers...I love it. I have notes everywhere. This is beautiful, Daryl :)

  8. Bob calls it 'oldimers'

    Great post... I can relate.

  9. I know exactly what you mean Daryl.. Sometimes I forget..then it comes back to me and I get so excited and relieved haha! Gotta love that blue sky..wonder what the sky will be like in Paris..it really doesn't matter oui!

  10. this is a fabulous shot! and my oh my, I'm so far into 'sometimers' that it is now the norm - everything always seems new now because I can't remember if I've been/seen/done it before - not a terribly bad thing I guess xoxo

  11. Daryl, great tower!
    My mind is just like that! I think! My Dad used to call it C.R.A.F.T. disease. (Can't remember a Friggin thing!)

  12. I love your tower! The only thing you need to remember is your passport :). For me? When I started making lists that is when I started forgetting. It is as if a part of my brain switched off :).

  13. I think that's funny. And I think most of us are like this, too. You wouldn't believe how many teachers come into the main office and say, "I can't remember what I came all the way down here for." Usually going out the door and back in again works.

  14. Easy to store all that in our heads when younger .... now with 60 some years of info ... no wonder we can't store it all!


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