yes, it snowed again


 a dusting
 a shower
 for those
 who marched
 this year's
 st patrick's day parade

 it snowed
 on them
 the parade
 march 16
 march 17

 there's a half marathon
 i am not running

 i went for a massage 
over on the eastside
 on madison avenue
 it was a 9:45 appointment
 the buses
 were still running crosstown at that point
at 11:30 
when i left the spa
 totally relaxed
 the streets were all closed off 
the only way
 to get
 via 86th street
 i figured this would happen
 i would have walked uptown
 after my massage
 i stopped
 to get a glass of water
 the pre/post massage room
 very zen
 comfy chairs
 low tables
 a large table
water, tea, cups
 on its lower shelf
 two huge pieces

 i didnt notice
part of the wood
 sticking out

 it really hurt

my fipflop clad foot
 i had my glass of water
stopped at a boutique
a new
 new york 


 i got back
 to the westside 
popped into zabars
 walked home
 my foot really hurts

 upon inspection
 i found
 i can 
wiggle and bend
 my toes
 the middle toe
 swollen and turning colors

 i am still thinking
 its not broken
 i wouldnt be able to move it

 i refuse
 to believe
 it might be broken

 in 16 days
 i am going
 to be
 around paris
 i will not
 be dealing
 well i am not going to say it

 its just a bad bruise

 i hope i can wear shoes
 .. gah ... 

that photo
 is from
 the snow 
before this
 the photo has a green cast
 i thought it would be apropos for st patrick's day
 i am thinking
 a photo of my colorful toe 
would have sufficed

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Weekly Top Shot #74


  1. ah darn that driftwood...I do hope your toe heals need to be able to walk and walk while in Paris!
    Happy St. Paddy's Day! My maiden name is Patrick, so I feel very Irish right now, ha!

  2. No...your toe will be fine. That's all there is to it. xoxox

  3. I LOVE this shot!

    Your poor toe, ouch. It isn't broken. Nope. Not.

  4. it truly sounds like just a bruise
    love your photo
    love you

  5. Paris is about walking and sore feet are inevitable. Your toe will not be an issue. Envy is supposedly green and I truly am envious of your trip to Paris. So that's my green for the day.

  6. You toe will be fine, because I am saying it will be! :-)

  7. That sounds dangerous to be honest but I am sure you will be fine by the time Paris rolls around. I had a broken toe once and it was nasty but as the time went on, it improved a great deal. Hope you are having a relaxing Sunday in the city!!
    So jealous you live near Zabar's Still need to get there!!


  8. Sorry to hear about the toe. I'm saying a prayer for healing as soon as this posts.

  9. Can you tape your toe? Sometimes that helps. So sorry that happened. But it should be fine in no time. Pretty image here, too ~

  10. First, if your toe is broken, there is nothing to be done for it but wait. It will heal by Paris. Ice it & elevate it today. Be kind to it. And do not let it stop you from enjoying Paris.

  11. Yikes! Hope whatever it [isn't] heals quickly and cleanly and long before Paris!

  12. Daryl, geez, what trials you have had lately! This is suppose to be getting better.
    You have my thoughts!

  13. Good grief!!!!! I thought of you immediately when they showed New York's St Patrick's parade on TV here. Could not believe it was snowing. Now to your! You will be on that plane!!!

  14. Paris trumps toe. Simple as that. Put it out of your head. You have WAY more things to worry about!!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!! Your nail look fabulous!! Love the color!!

  15. Sorry to hear about the toe ....
    seems those aches and pains take longer
    to pass.. hope you can wear shoes soon.

    I can not relate to snow..... it was almost
    80° yesterday and I had the AC on in the house
    and car.

  16. I can't believe this toe thing...ugh! Think positive and ice it although, by now, the ice is probably pointless. I'm trusting you did that earlier. And it's probably a bad bruise. I dislocated 2 toes and broke a metatarsal and had no bruising. You'll be good to go for Paris!

  17. How exciting that you are going to Paris! For pleasure I hope! I do hope that toe heals up before you go!

    Very beautiful photo! I do dislike snow in March but can admire its beauty.

  18. Quite ironic that a spa meant to relax and heal, ended up giving you a one-two punch! So sorry. And I love the fact there was a marathon that you were not running in! :-) You silly goose!

  19. It is not fair! I want snow too!

    I feel your toe pain...did I ever mention the time i took my big toe nail off in a vacumn cleaner...ouch indeed.

  20. What the heck is with this crazy weather! Ice the toe Daryl..there's no way anything is going to spoil the Paris trip..I just won't have it..oh hang on I'm not going haha!


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