blood sweat no tears

i have o negative blood
 i am very popular
 the universal donor 
did you know
 on any given day
 over 44,000 blood donations
 are needed
 every 2 seconds
 in the u.s. 
 a blood transfusion
 thats a lot of blood
 any healthy individual
 can donate
 every 56 days
 the blood type 
 by hospitals
 type O

 i give whenever i can
 this past week 
i got a letter
 asking for platelets
 which it turns out
 is a slightly
 more involved
 taking over 3 hours
it includes
 your medical history
 having your temperature taken
 as well as
 a small finger prick of blood
 for confirming type

 you get to recline
 on a comfy 'bed' 
hooked up to a machine
 which does most of the work
 have to 
 squeeze a rubber ball
 to keep the pressure
 at level
 the machine likes

  i was fine
 til the 45 min mark
 my foot
 began to cramp
 i was given tums
 are high in calcium
 which apparently
 gets depleated
 during the process

 an aside here
 i had been told
 to eat foods
 high in calcium 
in the days
 prior to the donation
 i didnt take it seriously
 i should have

 it went smoothly
 except for that
after it was done
 i got a lot of snacks
 not to smoke
 to drink a lot of fluids
 a purple pressure arm band
 thank you's
 it was embarrassing 

that was my saturday

i beautified
brunched with my friend cheryl
made a short video for my late friend wendy's memorial

and you?
how did you pass the weekend??
are you adjusting to the new sunshine filled extra hour???


  1. I'm going to sheepishly admit I have O- blood, too, but have only donated once. It left me so wiped out I haven't done it again, even though in the back of my mind I know that having just worked a 12-hour night shift before donating might have had something to do with feeling wiped out. So thanks for inspiring me to give. I'm glad the next day you got to beautify and brunch! I'm sorry about your friend, though. I spent the weekend playing catch up...or at least trying to, with a brief get-together with friends last night.

  2. An cool. Good going. It's been a while since I've given blood. Every now and then, the technicians hint that maybe I shouldn't bother next time because it takes so long for it to come out of me. Usually 3 people have come and gone by the time mine fills up. Oh well.

  3. Since I care about you I'm gonna be honest.
    Donating is GREAT! Thanks for all you have given over the years.

    BUT like fasting on Yom Kipur I think it is for younger people. We need to care for ourselves first.

    Your contribution is caring for Toon Man, and all of us; sharing your wisdom. Perhaps you could encourage healthy 35 year-olds you know to consider donating?

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° > <3

  4. I'm ABPos, and I donated regularly for at least 20 years. When my husband had to stop on his doctor's recommendation, I quit going, too. Good for you! (When I had my hip replacement 18 months ago, I had to have two units of blood...I'm sure I was given Type O.)

  5. I think it is terrific that you donate Daryl!! Good for you!! Due to the autoimmune illnesses that I suffer from, they do not want my blood. Otherwise, I would have been happy to give them some. Sounds like you had a great Sunday!! I was so happy to see the SUN!!

  6. Good for you! I met BHE for lunch yesterday, that was the highlight.

  7. Bless your heart!

    Our very first spring-like day yesterday, and I spent every minute that I could outdoors. :-)

  8. I was a blood donor for 28 years, unfortunately I can no longer donate due to health reasons. It's such a worthwhile thing to do and really is easy. :)

  9. Love the tale and really like that photo between your toes of the lady looking your way. Wonder what she thought of you sitting there with your camera or iphone fixed on her :). Well done on giving blood...good message and so necessary. My weekend - It was Mothering Sunday here. I am a Step-Mom...loved the goodies that came my way over the weekend and so sweet. No golf, too cold. And it is snowing right this minute...hooray!!!!!! PS. Love Cloudia's kind words to you. Well deserved, I am sure.

  10. I am the O negative too and they certainly do chase me every month or so.... I was casual about it until I heard on NPR a story about a man's mother in Mexico who needed a transfusion, and they do not have blood banks like we do and she died. Sheesh! Something so easy for someone like you or me really does save lives...also, as far as O negative blood goes, you hear that in emergency situations they can just grab it and quick save a life before they have time to check blood type. Makes you feel like a superhero...almost :)

  11. That was a very good thing for you to do on your Saturday. We had a very full weekend that started with a walk on the beach with my sweetie. I have to stop many times along the way to take photos, of course:-) We are going to reach 80 degrees here this week!

  12. You're awesome to have done this. Such a simple thing to do and more need to do so. Having A positive blood, no one ever chases me for it. I am simply not unique enough in the area of blood.

  13. Well done Daryl, more people should donate. The last time I went after the test prick they told me I was a little aenemic (sp) and couldn't take it..must go back again! Aimee and I went and took photos of the sculptures by the sea on Sunday, Aimee is loving her new camera, was good fun.

  14. P.s. yes the trains are super clean and air was actually a pleasure to get out of the heat.

  15. Awesome that you give your time for this! BTW, my friend, we have the same blood type! Who knew? Love the boots. What are they?

  16. Well done you! I'm too terrified of needles! Plus I've had so many exotic diseases, I am usually counted out.

  17. how wonderful for you to do this.... I am a bit not thrilled with needles and such .....a great way to help people you do not even know.....Fabulous !!

  18. Daryl, Wow, I'm so proud of you!
    I once upon a time was an avid donor. Can't anymore because of my meds.

  19. It is not my wish to embarrass you but I would like to say you are a remarkable human being Daryl. Thank you for doing this.

  20. i've donated over 5 gallons of blood but never platelets. my husband does something called double red donations which take about 30 minutes. thanks so much for urging others to donate. it's such an important thing if we are able.

  21. That is wonderful of you - love that. My weekend? It was beautiful outside so I spent it taking little walks and sitting outside reading and taking photos of birds. It was pleasant.

  22. Good for you!! I used to give blood a lot but then I fainted once about 20 years ago. I tried hard after that but it just got worse and worse. Last time they called Heather who told me know more. Just writing about it is making me feel sweaty.

  23. Yay you!! I didn't realize giving platelets was so involved

  24. I wonder how long I will have to have been away from England's shores before my blood will be declared mad cow free and they will want mine again...pity that....


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