to quote chicago

does anybody

i do

pretty new watch
of my sister
who felt
i would need 
to know 
what time 

apologies for any ear worms
i seem to have both
 that song
mashed up in my brain

carry on!


  1. Daryl, very pretty!! I know it's none of my bees wax, but are your spoiled?? Or what!!

  2. Daryl, I know, I know, you have a very nice sister!

  3. You have an AWESOME sister!! What a beautiful watch! And by the way...nothing wrong with being a bit spoiled...

  4. Ooo, thanks! Gonna listen now! And you can deff pull of that cool going:-)


  5. I started wearing a large faced watch last year. So much nicer than having to squint to read it all the time. Hope you enjoy your big dial too!!

  6. Yup, I can hear those songs now. Hopefully not all day though. :-)

    That watch is wonderful! xo.

  7. Thanks. Now *I* have those songs in my head. Love the watch! Nice sister.

  8. Very pretty! You are all set and will have nothing to shop for in Paris;-)

  9. okay now I have the songs in my head as well.......

    I have a huge watch collection ...when my cell phone became
    glued to my hand......

    Spoiling someone is as much fun as being spoiled...
    Kudos to your sister !!

  10. What a pretty watch!

    So, what's the weather forecast for Paris?

  11. oh sure! you say carry on
    I'm doing a mash-up of the 2 songs

    beautiful watch!!
    as chic as you are they will think you're a native

  12. Now I have "carry on, my wayward friend..." stuck in my head! lol Beautiful watch and what a great sister!

  13. Beautiful watch. It will definitely set off all the alarms at the airport if you forget to take it off thru security :).

  14. Let me know when you're interested in doing a trade. I have a brother that needs some training and I would welcome spending time (aka shopping) with your sister...LOL

  15. what a lovely gift for a wonderful trip!

  16. That watch is gorgeous!

    Unrelated, CB Son is headed to New Jersey tomorrow to stay with his other grandparents until Tuesday. They're going to make a trip into the city at least one of those days, Monday I think. When he and his grandfather were discussing the logistics and wondering if the GF had the stamina for all the walking, etc., Son said something along the lines of, "Well, you could just drop me off and I'll spend the day there. If I need help, I can just call Daryl." He really was impressed with you mad city/touring skills. Anyway, wanted to pass that on.

    Love that watch!


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