outside irving farms

how sad does that face look? 
 i kneel down
 so i can get a shot
 at their level
 eye to eye
i was carrying stuff 
couldnt kneel
 i might have toppled over
 i am a klutz 

can you read the sign he appears to be reading?
 it says
 'we love your pets but unfortunately they are not permitted inside of our store' 
i think
 he was hoping
 it didnt mean 


  1. Darn that dedelstein for endorsing the no pets policy. ;) He really is a sweetie face. :)

  2. Oh, he wanted to visit you, obviously! What a sweet, sad face.

  3. Winner of the DAY! (Or POTW)
    Actually the forlorn look he gave up at you is the money shot!
    So please, I wanna see Paris while you are there. Not curated posts but photos and epigrams. Should I join Instagram or something?

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° > <3

  4. I'm not sure I've ever seen a sadder face on a pup. Ohhh, he just looks soooo unhappy. Poor baby.

  5. Oh, no. What a sad face. :( (Love where you signed this one!) Happy packing this weekend.

  6. Just an adorable little guy! I always love when in the city many stores have the water bowls for the doggies to come in during the summer. I am normally not a big fan of dogs, but the NYC dog, he is just the best! I guess because they are around people so much, most are very friendly. Are you counting down the days?? :)

  7. Lol, love the middle right shot: "Life...don't talk to me about life..."

  8. Of course the sign doesn't refer to him; he's a person, not a pet.

  9. Well what person named DEdelstein would put such a sign on the door? Poor little guy.

  10. he does indeed look sad, that face looking up at you is enough to make you topple your packages and hug him

  11. Daryl, oh my, that is a sad look!
    I think they should tie the owners up outside and let the dogs in!

  12. oh that is a woeful face....almost makes you think he can read!

  13. I think you are right. He's sad because he has to wait outside.

    How exciting!!! A trip to Paris. I'm eager to read about all of your adventures. Have fun!!

  14. Hah! He does seem to be studying it in absolute disbelief!

  15. It looks very sad, but oh so sweet.
    Hope he did not have to wait too long.

  16. Dogs and children looking like that get me every time!


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