dig we must - again

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there's a photo
of work in times square

taken back on february 19

 i ran out at lunchtime
a quick errand
 i almost never do
contraction workers

ya gotta do 
what ya gotta do 

here's what i saw


 i keep looking
 for jeffrey 
so far no luck


  1. I thought that was a Honolulu thing: digging up the same street over and over and over and. . . .

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° > <3

  2. Hey, those same guys were digging up downtown Tulsa earlier this week.

    Also, as former construction guy, that guy's foot underneath the back hoe box is making me nervous. Steel toes or no his whole day could be ruined if the operator sneezes.

    And what is with the all the helmet patches? Those are for the skilled guys.

  3. Well, that is odd Daryl, maybe it was like a tooth implant, the first bit has to heal before the conclusion...no I'm not worried about the dentist at all haha! You must be getting tres excited, not long now before you're off to Paris, yay!!

  4. Maybe one of those guys dropped his car keys on the first dig? ;)

  5. Guess the first dig was just for practice? :)
    I'm always wondering how far the workers and their equipment have to travel to get into work in the heart of the city.

  6. Always something to keep them busy!
    Hmmm, I wonder what happened (or didn't) the first time. :-)

  7. Daryl, one of those guys must have left his lunch box down the hole last time they did it!!

  8. I hope they come back again and dig some more. I like seeing Walgreens :).

  9. I'm more intrigued by the (what looks like a) shadow on the building to the left o the Walgreens. Of all the things to focus on here, this is what I am drawn to.

    Those workers are probably trying to find George Castanza's keys.

  10. I would assume that digging in the middle of a New York street would be a rather daunting task. But then again, it could be no more daunting a task than digging in the middle of a street in any other place in the country. I'm a country girl...not much traffic or congestion where I come from.

  11. Now that must be discouraging for someone to be back in the same place again.

  12. Did you ask them why? Or is that a rude thing to do in New York?

  13. It's never quite right in some spots. That's just one of the joys of city living. There was this one intersection, near where I worked, that was dug up and refilled every third or fourth week for the entire ten years our office was in that location.


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