have a seat

charlotte woodson birmingham alabama

i dont know
 go about writing a post

 there's no hoyles
 for blog post writing
 i dont think

 i go into iphoto
 browse the over 16,000 photos
 for inspiration
 i start
photo stream
 move to albums
 to see
 what there is 
to see

 i wonder
 i have some of these photos

 there is no muse leaping out
 me me write about me

 last night
 when i went album diving
 i saw this
 remembered the afternoon in birmingham
 how hot it was
 how virginia
 do know her blogs?
 click here and here
 into charlotte woodson
 both to see the wonderful antiques
 to cool off in the air conditioning

 so i am remembering everything
 what the shop is called

 i thought i would avoid it
 tell you
 when i saw those chairs
 i immediately thought
 not enough for the twelve chairs

 i could admit
 i thought it was the ten chairs
 when i googled to get a link
 i couldnt

 toonman saved the day

 then i uploaded the photo
 i had labeled it
 charlotte woodson

 i have a post

happy friday

i leave on tuesday
 am i excited?

 are you serious?


  1. wow! Tuesday - already? it's almost here!!!
    & I like your photo Daryl.

  2. I'm excited for you!
    I'm sure you are overjoyed!

  3. Great shot and love the memories it sparks. Oh boy!!!! Only a few more days. Are you grinning from ear to ear?

  4. Great shot, I agree. I don't know how the blog posts get written. If nothing comes to mind I don't post but something almost always comes to mind.

  5. I truly believe that if you take a photo, there is definitely something in it, and this one made for a great post!
    Love the shot too.

    Your excitement is infectious! So happy for you. xo.

  6. I just am waiting for the instagram shots of Angelina and Laduree Those are my requests Thanx and How exciting for you ! Have you been before?

  7. you got me with the row of chairs - I'm a sucker for images of empty chairs - always an untold story associated with them - have the best time of your life so far on your upcoming trip!! I predict a very sore trigger finger by the time you return, xo

  8. i'm so excited for you....for your trip.....i love those kinds of butterflies !!!

  9. Very cool photo! Are you excited? Geeze, I'm excited and I'm not even going! Packing yet...I know I would be, would have started last week...LOL

  10. Back from India, as you see! I love this photo....and think of all the chairs you'll photograph in Paris! ;)

  11. That's how I write posts, as well. I start with the picture. They all must have a picture. I'm actually excited FOR you. It's going to be so fun.

  12. I quite often do the opposite. I start with absolutely no idea what I will post, go out and take a photo then sigh with relief! Got something for today...hooray! I do have a file with some 'just in case photos'...in case I get stuck. It can be a tricky hobby. All packed?

  13. Honest and instructive clinic on writing a post-

    I'm almost as excited as you are! Don't wait till you are home and organize it all. Use the web to post some pics and remarks. Oh PLEASE!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° > <3

  14. Sounds a little bit like my situation today Daryl :) Gosh the trip is coming up so fast, it's going to be beyond fabulous!


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