playing with texture

i have been playing
 not so hot
 iphone photo

 i downloaded
 'skies laundry day' texture

do you know nancy and her beautiful blog?
click here

 pic monkey
 to introduce
 the texture
 the photo

 you are looking

do you play with textures?
 i have become

 a straight out of the camera gal
 i am attempting
 to see
 what textures
 less than passing grade photos 

on the whole
 i am pleased
 just stop
go back
 to posting
 real photos

 he's a video editor
 who has
 an editors eye 
everything in focus
 no bokeh
 no texture
 no 'spider web-y' effects 

i promise my paris photos will be pure
i promise to tell you all about my saturday with lisa gordon tomorrow


  1. I used to be out of the camera only but now I love to play with effects. Mr. BFR thinks it's cheating. Oh well. I'm having fun.

  2. I'm lucky if folk have a head on the photos I take! LOL

  3. When I discovered textures, it quickly became an obsession. I use PS, and there are all kinds of things I can do with the layering. Thanks so much for introducing me to Nancy Claeys. I received that laundry day one as well and am wondering what I could do with it. I'm sure I'll find something.
    Looking forward to your reveal of how you spent your Saturday.

  4. I play a little with textures. It can be a lot of fun.

  5. I enjoy playing with photos in general
    I'm not that great with texture yes but I'm trying
    great street scene

  6. I am having fun with textures but I think it's more for fun, for me, than a style I will gravitate towards.

  7. i like being a purist with certain images, but textures are soooo much fun to play with!

  8. I'm not into them...but enjoy others! xoxx

  9. Daryl, yes a great effect! I find it really interesting to get into that whole artsy fartsy mode and make things look like they aren't. I don't have much artistic talent so I'm glad to be able to bring some out in my images! I think I was always a wanna be artist but could never do it!
    Looking forward to your weekend adventure!

  10. I do like textures, though I have done little with them so far. It's on my to-do list. Thanks for the link!

  11. I adore textures D! I have more photo apps on my iphone than you can possibly imagine!! I was just in a panic because I will be going to a sculpture garden and I have not yet figured out how to take a bazillion pictures with my iphone without running the battery out!! So, I have to take the Canon point and shoot with me...and I just may bring an extra battery for that!! Texture apps can be so much fun to play with!!

  12. Oh, hello, friend. I came over to meet you after reading all the wonderful things Lisa had to say about you. It's so nice to meet kindred spirits.

  13. Love the tones this texture added, Daryl.
    They really can give photos a completely different feel/look.
    Nicely done!

  14. No textures here yet since I struggle just to do SOOC. Where do the hours go?
    Can't wait to see your Paris photos!

  15. I don't dare get any photo-texturing programs. I already spend most of my life on the computer, and playing with textures would mean never spending any time with my husband or the dog.
    I'm SO looking forward to your photos of Paris, Daryl. Let's have them straight out of the camera first, okay?

  16. I'm not adverse to a little manipulation now and then Daryl :)

  17. I'm still a regular photo texture playing yet. But I do like this version!


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