here comes the weekend

so what are you up to this weekend?  
lets get a coffee 
sit down 

i am expecting
 lisa gordon
do you know her wonderful blog?
click here
 we have no real plans
i think if the weather is nice 
some wandering
 central or riverside park

your turn
tell me all about it 


  1. Sounds just about perfect

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° > <3

  2. Have a fun weekend!
    So cold here, too cold to get out and walk, so we will probably stay in and watch movies.

  3. Too cold to walk here, too. Frigid. Most of this morning's snow is gone (humongous big flakes) but Edmonton (far northwest of here) is still reeling from a 100-car accident on that dangerous stretch of road called Highway 2. Scary.

  4. Sounds like a great plan -- to have no plan. We're spending time with my sister-in-law and I plan to work a bit.

  5. Hope you ladies have a great time. I sm hoping to do the Arch Digest show Sunday. Been a crazy week with jury duty. At least a 4day work week next week due to holiday.

  6. Going to visit my sister and BIL (about 250 miles away) and help them get their house ready to sell! So excited for them! Will probably go to a garden center and maybe a new (to us) farmers market.

    You guys have fun wandering, I love NYC.

  7. I'll be cleaning out my mom's house so I will be living vicariously through you. Take some great photos for me! LOL Enjoy!!!

  8. Nothing special, but I do plan to relax and enjoy my time off of work. Your weekend sounds nice.

  9. The bench looks very inviting. I have no plans so maybe I'll hop a red eye to New York and join you. Oh wait, I just remembered something so I can't make it this weekend:-) Have fun!

  10. My friend Lynne is coming!! Eric Clapton, here we come!

  11. Your friend is a dynamite photographer. I think it would be great to go walkabout with somebody and take pix.

    It's my day off!! I dropped the kid off at his drama camp, meeting with our tax guy this afternoon, and then going to the kids performance this evening followed by dinner. Gray yucky day!

  12. I love how you composed this shot
    makes it so inviting

  13. We're out tomorrow evening to the pub with friends, cooking Sunday lunch for MIL, son and grandsons, then off to the Isle of Wight on Monday until Friday. :)

  14. This is our weekend of comedy. Tonight, we're going to see Dmitri Martin. Tomorrow (after niece Ava's eighth birthday party) we will see Lewis Black. Good thing - I could use some big laughs about now.

  15. Me? Enjoying the snow :). Then I think I will be ready for Spring and a view like you are showing us here. Have a super weekend!!!!

  16. What? Lisa?! Shades of green here. If things were better, I would want to crash this party. Enjoy! Oh, what am I saying? I already know you will. Miss you.

  17. Daryl, ah, spring and spring colours! Just wonderful. I enjoy it so much.
    I was at a place this morning, where the Daffodils have gone wild. I was in heaven!

  18. It is WAY too cold here to do any walking around outside. I am inside packing and trying to figure out what on earth I am going to take with me!! It is a bit difficult to figure out what the weather will be like...whatever it will be...will be warmer than here!! Have a blast with your friend!!

  19. Love the tulips! They are my favorite flower!

    We are puppy sitting this weekend and volunteering at the local Bountiful Baskets program. The weather was supposed to be nice, but a cold front has moved in and it will only be 45 here tomorrow and we have to be outdoors in the park for two hours! Burrrr! I'm ready for some Spring...bring it on!

  20. My older son and his wife are coming to make a retirement dinner for me. I haven't seen him in weeks, and I don't have to lift a finger, so I'm really looking forward to it. (I'm not outta there until next Friday, but the son will be out of town next weekend.)

    Other than that, just a haircut and puttering around the house. Wish I were with you guys, exploring New York!

  21. Sounds like you had a ball with your blogger pal Lisa, good times Daryl. My weekend was seems to me that the summer months in Perth are full on, then it quietens down a tad through winter..I'm kind of looking forward to hibernating on a very small scale..


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