foodie friday #27

Sticking with NaBloPoMo theme for March 'in a word'
Did you notice I was doing that?  
Using just a word to power my posts?  
I didnt think so.

Today the word is Food ... as it usually is on Friday.  
So here's the food shot: 
a salad of
yellow and red peppers 
shrimp (peeking out from under the spinach) 
crumbled blue cheese 
 a side of some dressing 
I didn't use

Its a salad this week for several reasons.  
There is no food in the house.  
Toonman was briefly back in hospital, he's home again, but while he was there I was eating rather erratically.  Some days I ate 4 or more meals
a constant hand to mouth thing out of nervousness 
other days I drank lots of coffee and noshed on something sweet  
on other days I think I may not have eaten at all.  
I've gained weight, not a lot, 
enough to make my jeans unpleasantly tight.  
Hence the salad. 
Oh, I didnt eat that this week.  
I ate that about 3 years ago at a nice outdoor cafe in South Beach.  
I am sharing it with you today in order to remind myself to get back on track to eating healthy.

Do you have any good or bad food habits brought on by stress?
Do you ask for dressing on the side?  Or do you let them ladle it on?
What kinds of salads do you like?
What's your favorite dressing?

Nosy bloggers want to know!

AND you can still enter the pass-along Jacket by leaving me a comment here on Sunday I'll announce the winner.  How will I pick a winner, I can hear you wondering ... well I'll ask Toonman to pick a number between 1 and whatever the total number of comments is .. voila!


  1. even the food you eat (when ToonMan is not in hospital) is beautiful
    you have fashionista food!!

    I eat breakfast foods all the time when I'm stressed
    and pasta

    I always put dressing on the side but I'm ashamed to say I don't eat much salad

  2. I'm just glad all of the salad is not in a blender :)

    I love cereal. Crunchy. Huge bowl.
    Salad, as well, with sauce on the side. But with lots of bread or carbs LOL

    No. I do not eat when stressed.

    I'm glad Toonman is back home and hope you have a lovely weekend hon!

  3. Beautiful salad. I was in South Beach once. Long story for another day.

    I find I eat when I"m bored more than any other time. Usually that's at work, which is why I keep a drawer full of snacks. None of them are healthful, and most include lots of salt and fat.

    Have a wonderful time this weekend. Enjoy some quality time with good friends, one of whom will join you on that salad kick, although she's been drinking hers all week long. (And has me considering doing something similar...)

    wv: sumpary. There are sumpary compelling reasons to do a juice cleanse. But cayenne pepper in warm water doesn't sound very appetizing for some reason.

  4. So glad the Toonman is back home! Yay!

    I eat too many carbs when I am stressed.
    Love salad of any kind as long as it doesn't have tomatoes - allergies, you know and the dressing - a light fresh oil and vinegar is my preference.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. you'll be back to normal as soon as TM is! You are far more disciplined than I am. I love a good salad but put too much dressing on them. Hugs all around dear ones.

  6. Our digestive systems sure are sensitive to stress, are they not? Hopefully this life episode will be gone soon and you and Toonman can get back to your daily lives.

  7. I love a prawn salad.

    If I'm stressed I go for sweet stuff and you know I can't have that, so I try not to get stressed. :)

  8. You do know that lots of little meals is the answer to weight gain. I'm assuming then that your problem is that your little meals didn't come without sugar.

    He's getting better isn't he? Give both of you huge hugs.

    (can you tell I'm falling asleep here at my desk?) Not sure if my comment makes sense or not - zzzzz

  9. That salad looks delicious. I've been on a salad kick myself. My main requirements are, besides some mixed greens: carrots, cubed cucumber, cheese (pretty much any kind), croutons (homemade are best), sunflower seeds, and dried cranberries. Tomatoes are only good if they are fresh and not cold! Ranch is my go-to dressing, but I can eat just about any kind (minus bleu cheese, which oddly I loved as a kid but now I hate it).

    You take care of Toonman - make sure you take care of yourself, too!

  10. i NEVER get my salad on the side. I ask for ranch, full fat, thank you very much, and I ask them to pour it on there like a crazy person.

  11. Currently addicted to COLDFYYRE artisanal ice cream!

    Great looking tomato ya got there. NYC has the BEST food-

    love you guys-

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral



  12. That looks yummy. Food has little appeal to me when I'm stressed. I tend to go without during stressful times.

    Dressing on the side.. always.

    I love most salads unless someone has added cilantro to it.. blech!

    Favourite dressing? Most Mediterranean type dressings but there are so many I love.

  13. Do you have any good or bad food habits brought on by stress? Stress makes me want junk, but it depends. Sometimes I forget to eat.
    Do you ask for dressing on the side? Or do you let them ladle it on? On the side. Always.
    What kinds of salads do you like? All kinds of salads. Warm spinach & bacon, lettuce and lots of veggies. You name it.
    What's your favorite dressing? Paul Newman's Italian is an old standby.

  14. That salad looks deeeelish! Hugs to you both tonight!

  15. Did you say STRESS? Off to the kitchen for some ice cream......

  16. Happy to hear that Toonman is home again...let's keep him there! And oh boy, bleu cheese, bleu cheese, bleu cheese! (or is it blue cheese?)

  17. I'm crazy about salads. I like all the green stuff, the raw veggies and any fixings that sound good too. Unfortunately, I'm a "dump the dressing on" person as well....I know that cancels out all the good I do eating the green stuff...but you asked.

    And yes, I am a stress eater. Thankfully I don't have as much stress in my life as I used to. Yesterday was one of those rare days and I found my stomach hurting and me thinking about eating too much. Good for me, there was no food available.

  18. I'm seeing this on Sunday. Went to a wedding yesterday, and like all Serbian weddings, it was a MAJOR FOOD FEST. I'm still stuffed. But this photo still looks good...I'll just enjoy it more later!

    Food habits...I put salt on cantaloupe, which people here think is weird.

  19. Just saw that you wanted stress-related habits....well, I overeat and a lot of what is swallowed is chocolate.

  20. Do you have any good or bad food habits brought on by stress? All bad because it typically means having little time to do things like make real food so I end up eating fast food or junk snacks.
    Do you ask for dressing on the side? Or do you let them ladle it on? Always on the side or not at all. I usually HATE salad dressing. But when I do find one that I like, on a salad the size you've pictured I'd only use one or two TEASPOONS max...otherwise, for whatever reason, it grosses me out.
    What kinds of salads do you like? LOVE salads with fresh, mixed greens and veggies (cucumber, tomato, bell peppers, carrots, etc). I can do with or without the meat but it's always gotta have some kind of cheese!
    What's your favorite dressing? There are two restaurants back in Oregon that have dressings I really like; one serves a creamy pesto dressing and the other has a distinctive ranch. IKEA has a tasty dressing they use on their greek salad and I've also found that every now and then I really like a balsamic vinaigrette.


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