i spy ...

i love 
 at the 
opposite track or platform 
when we get to times square 

if you're like me 
you might
rhapsody in blue

the other evening i was watching something on the tube
it sparked an idea a thought that was too long to be a tweet
i was going to blog about it 
i definitely intended to
of course
by tmorning
 i had totally forgotten

from now on
 tickles my muse

 i'magonna write it down


  1. Hey Daryl! Just popping in to say hello! Hope things are well with you! xo

  2. That often happens to me when I'm just in that state between wakefulness and sleep where a thought comes to mind, and then it's gone by morning.

  3. It is funny how something will (hopefully) eventually jostle this memory and it will just fall out of your head. I look forward to it, whatever it is.

  4. I loved the subway when I was in NYC.
    If I don't write something down I'll forget it too.

  5. I too know what you mean about forgetting!
    I am sure that some of my best ideas (best to me anyway), have been long since forgotten, never to be thought of again. :-(

  6. I'm always forgetting my great ideas. LOL


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