pride month

this weekend
celebrates with the annual
 pride parade

people of every gender 
come together to celebrate 
their right to be who they are

nyc has the aids memorial on west 12 street
a short walk from the first us monument to gay rights
christopher park
 across from stonewall bar
where riots in 1969 sparked the gay right movement

statues by george segal
are its centerpiece

a reminder that love knows no gender


  1. It's Pride weekend in Toronto too. But I won't be taking part.... too busy packing for my trip to England and Scotland.

  2. The statues are particularly vivid.

    Pride here takes place in a few weeks.

  3. Morning love! yes I'm back and i'm redecorating at blog HQ and my url will change over next 48 hours, so please check any links you may have.
    saz x


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