i am still here

if you know me
 you know
 i have had sinus issues 

more recently 
i had several dental surgeries
they all failed 

sinus issues

a ct scan showed there was a rogue polyp in my sinus
 that has been interfering with the dental stuff
damn that polyp

on tuesday the polyp was removed
be gone damn polyp

severe headaches ensued
but thankfully
they've receded


hopeful that once this mess is all healed
 the dental fixes will work
i will have a big smile to share

thats me
taken by my friend amy

the area surrounding the construction on WTC#2
has been decorated jazzed up 
its looking a lot like bushwick 
really fun photo ops

lots to see 
go check it out


  1. I sure can relate to the dental and the sinus issues...I have had my share as well. Praying that things are looking up for you!

  2. Stay well now that you have had all those nasty invasive procedures! Love that photo!

  3. I hope you feel better soon. Thanks for checking in and letting us all know you still have stories to share. xo

  4. Fingers crossed that "they have finally figured it all out.

  5. Occasionally I've had sinus infections, but never anything more serious than that. I hope things progress well now.

  6. Great portrait! Hope you feel GREAT real soon

  7. I am so glad that your doing okay, and I sure hope you feel all better real soon.
    Damn polyp indeed!!! Ugh!
    Take good care of you.


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