i was sad to learn
 networked blogs 
giving up its free service 

for as long
 i have been blogging 
i have used
 networked blogs
 publish my blog to facebook

 as of next week
 that wont be happening 

 if you followed me
 via facebook
 you'll have to sign up for free email delivery 
miss the incredible photos and inspirational blather


  1. I have never even heard of this but sorry you can no longer use it.

  2. I think IFTTT (If This, Then That) does something similar. Failing that, there's always linking to your posts in FB manually?

    Pretty pic!

    1. thanks ... for the compliment AND the suggestion .. so i went to IFTTT and signed up .. tried (key word here: TRIED) to add Blogger .. it asked me to connect, i said ok and then it brought me back to the same spot ... 3X i tried so i must be insane since i did the same thing 3X and expected a different result but no .. nothing happens .. SIGH ... i could c/p to FB but i dont have the time ... whine whine whine .. pass me the cheese please .. xo

  3. Beautiful!

    I tend to add my posts to FB manually as opposed to automatically. I've not heard of that notice as of yet.

  4. I had heard this. :-(
    I have always used Bloglovin' to follow you.
    Wouldn't miss your posts for anything!!

  5. I post my blog post manually at Facebook. Seemed easier than networked blogs


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