it was a long weekend
we had suffocating humidity
we had temps in the 90s
we had rain lots and lots of rain
we had chill

i beautified brunched browsed but didnt buy

that photo has nothing to do with the weekend
i was cleaning up my iphone photo library
i swore 
i would
more than 100 photos 
 who needs more than 100 photos on their phone?


i have 1,051 AND 73 videoes
so i was deleting
in the process 
this one popped up
couldnt remember if i had shared it here

if i did
get over it


  1. I like that photo, I'm glad you shared it before deleting it.

  2. Hard to enjoy the week-end with the rain and humidity and I think the picture fits your post perfectly.

  3. Love this one.
    Real heat and humidity here this weekend too, especially yesterday.
    I have a no more than 100 photos on my phone rule, and I have always stuck to it. is only because I upload the ones I want to keep, to Dropbox, for filing away "later." I won't even tell you how many photos are in my Dropbox waiting for "later!!!"

  4. ha! I've repeated photos by mistake. *shrug* I like this one.


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