going going ...

but not gone

 i was supposed to be 
right now
the uk 

 i am not

' the beast from the east'
a snow storm with icy temps
the uk into a winter wonderland
my vacation into a staycation
at least for now

we were supposed to fly out on thursday evening

the storm there
the impending storm here
got everyone's knickers in a twist

flights were canceled
people disappointed

there's always more ways to get where you want to go
my fabulous travel bff mary is working on alternative escape plans

i am a strong believer that things happen for a reason
 toonman has a horrific chest cold 
before the airlines/airports freaked out
i was a bit uneasy about leaving him
with this departure delay
 i can be sure he's on the mend before i head off


  1. Toonman will be fine soon. Lots of liquids and chicken noodle soup!

  2. And perhaps some tea in addition will be good for what ails him.

    With maple syrup.

  3. Everything I've seen and read about the "Beast from the East" has been unpleasant...although snow on the Colosseum is pretty impressive! I assume the UK is equally pretty, but not very pleasant. Hope Toonman heals soon and your "alternative" plan works out.

  4. You definitely would not like to be in UK right now. Just 1/2 inch of snow cripples the whole country as they do not have the resources or equipment to deal with it. Not like NYC where life goes on regardless of the weather. Go somewhere warmer instead!

  5. I always feel things happen for a reason, too. Praying Toonman feels better soon and you have an even more fabulous adventure than seeing Stonehenge (although that's actually one of my dreams, too!)

  6. I too, believe that things happen for a reason.
    Although I am sad about your trip, I am glad that you are there when Toonman is sick. I hope he is beginning to feel much better now.
    Sending love and hugs to both of you.

  7. Bummer on the cancelled trip, but yay for Mary, I'm sure you'll find another escape. Hope Toonman is feeling better now.


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