let it snow let it snow let it snow

and it did

all day saturday

it didnt stop me from going east to have a massage
it didnt stop these people from buying a tree

did it snow where you are?
what didnt it stop you from doing?


  1. Just a very small sprinkle of snow.... but I stayed home in the warm.

  2. I wish it had snowed here, or rained. I hate these drought conditions and the horrible fires. I think I would love to live somewhere to experience the first snow, and then I would be over it. I follow photographers on IG and the Central Park photos over the weekend were beautiful!

  3. Fun, I just love seeing your NYC ;-) we received two inches in Northwest Wisconsin, we are up to about 6 inches total. I just about have enough to start to cross country ski.

  4. We didn't have the weekend snow, but we sure are getting it today!
    Didn't stop me from doing anything I had planned today, but tomorrow may be a different story with forecasted high winds, and a high temp of 12 degrees. :-(

  5. It snowed here too, but not enough to slow us down.


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