its a white christmas (tree)

these are two of many 'trees' that are set up in the various lobbies of one world trade

the theme of white trees
is also
present on the revolving doors

this fascinates me
i want to get a vid of the door/tree spinning
so far

this is the best i got


  1. How a giant die cut! :-) I made some cards that have similar trees.

  2. You need to find a bunch of lively kids to get in the door and spin it as fast as possible.

  3. That is very pretty. One day I may brave the cold and see New York during the holidays.

  4. They're quite appealing. Festive, but understated.

  5. Pretty, looking forward to seeing NYC during the holiday.

  6. I just LOVE these!
    They look like giant paper cutouts.

  7. Oh I love the white trees! And very cool they put them on the revolving doors too.


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