ai weiwei's good fences make good neighbors

ai weiwei's installation 
good fences make good neighbors
all over nyc
but this piece in washington square park
is perhaps the most visited

the fun house mirror effect is very intriguing

walking through it seems to be the way to experience it

i liked this view the best

its the most 'this is new york' view


  1. Beautiful "gate"....curious about the barriers, though.

  2. So many people....makes it hard to get photos of "just the thing" you want. But yes, very NYC

  3. I love it! I want to walk through it. And see myself in those squirrelly refections.

  4. His architecture is always fascinating. It contrasts well with the arch.

  5. Saw the feature on this installation on CBS Sunday Morning. Looked very intriguing. Thanks for giving me a different set of views!


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