monday monday

as i write this its sunday late afternoon
the weekend was lovely

 is delightful
i go back to sleep
 i dump cat food into bowls 
eyes half closed

so far
three months in
i have done nothing special
nothing unspecial

i mean
neighborhood errands get a latte hang around the apt listening to audio books organizing photos 
isnt special

i did spend 
one entire friday
 on the phone 
with telecom reps 
trying to set up
the new wireless multi line whoositz mobile/land/internet/tv
 its all okay 
that friday
 i was suffering serious buyers remorse

but i digress
this weekend
 was lovely
aside from a do-nothing fridaycation
i beautified saturday
sunday we celebrated 39 years of marriage
i went to ikea w/a gal pal
he edited some old video

he's also just finished a new video w/andrew
i will post it tomorrow


  1. Happy anniversary! And how perfect is it to do absolutely nothing special? Sounds like heaven to me.

  2. Beautiful photo! So glad you had a nice anniversary and wish you many, many more nice anniversaries! Looking forward to the video!

  3. Wishing you both lots of love and a very Happy Anniversary!
    I am SO looking forward to the new video.

  4. Happy Anniversary! Wonderful to spend so many years in love with your best friend.


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