window washing weather

the very unusual
 'heat wave'
 a usually snowy february
some up ticks

ditching your michelin man coat
you might feel inspired
do some
 window washing


  1. Isn't it amazing how warm it has been lately???? We are so not used to this in February! Not that I am complaining. But...I do believe we will have some more snow in our future. Saw some motorcycles out today...and several people wearing shorts!

  2. Oh so good to have a little mid winter break in the weather. That reminds me of an early morning walk I took in San Francisco and I had the feeling that everyone was washing the front of their shops before the working day began. :D

  3. Oh how I want our windows washed by someone, but not until our rainy season ends. It's in the low 50's and colder than the East Coast, I think. Uggs, scarves, sweatshirts, hats. And dirty windows.

  4. Taking advantage of a nice day. Seems you never know when the warm days will come, so you have to enjoy them.

  5. Nice and sunny yesterday, rainy and cooler today, who knows what tomorrow will bring? Not the window washers yet, that's for sure.

  6. It has been VERY unusual, but here, that is about to change quite quickly later today.
    No matter, it was wonderful while it lasted, and spring is almost here!


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