february snow

having had many a birthday celebration snowed out
i am a maven on february snow
there's almost always a storm the first week
if by chance there isnt
for sure there's one the second week

the first week of february 2017 did not disappoint
i was happy it didnt snow on my birthday
but it did rain

the storm 
a predicted 10-15 inches
began in the wee hours of thursday

at 5:59AM 
it was that person making fresh tracks
in front of me

by 9:05AM
the view from my office windows was almost all white

the snow 
pretty much 
stopped by 12:43PM
i took that 
my cue to head home

shame on the MTA!
at 1:17PM
the steps
 leading up
the uptown local 
were iced over
dangerously so

i cannot imagine walking down those stairs

 i can pretty much guarantee 
if you're hoping 
fresh snow photo ops
 there's another storm 
just 'round 
the corner


  1. Same weather as here, but it has melted away already.

  2. Surprised they wouldn't be right on top of salting those stairs! Living up here in CT on a horse farm, I love seeing city life through your eyes. When I visit the city, all I want to do is walk around with my camera to capture the thousand little and big details that make a city.. a city.

  3. One of my clients fell down those icy steps (a few years ago and probably not that station!) and broke her leg. Very scary. Those snow shots from your office are super.

  4. Love that first picture of the man making the first steps in the snow.

  5. I'd be wary on those steps!

    We had snow all weekend. It finally gave up at some time past midnight.

  6. 18 inches since Sunday morning, here, and still counting, but it is much lighter now.
    As I was clearing the snow this morning, I realized that I am running out of space to shovel it to!

  7. I've seen some photos from a friend on Long Island and wow, what a lot of snow. I love your first photo here.

  8. Wonderful wintry photos. I can't believe those stairs aren't a priority for someone to at least throw salt on.

  9. My favorite is your first photo.

    February's Full Moon was the Snow Moon. ;-)


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