a whole lotta nothing

it felt a lot like spring
 this 3 day weekend

did i take advantage of it?
not really

there was
weekend beautification
fill-in grocery shopping
(thats when you need staples vs restocking your pantry)
apartment cleaning
(i couldnt ignore the fur/hair/tumbleweed any longer)
all that bright sunlight 
made it hard to ignore 
the lack of dusting

i did have
lunch with my sister


  1. Nice to have lunch with your sister. Housecleaning ... UGH. We took a walk in a park yesterday, but I'm working today.

  2. I like the spring flowers! It's kind of nice to do nothing ...

  3. Very fun to have lunch with your sister. It always makes me feel good to have a clean house. ;-)

  4. Glad you had a nice weekend Daryl...well, except for the dusting part! :)

  5. A pretty shot!

    We had a couple of days of warm ups here, and then back into colder weather again.

  6. Lunch with your sister sounds good. All of it good, really. Hey - even cleaning does. Pretty image here too.


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