watching my step ...

a few years back
 after a snowfall 
i took a tumble down 
these very stairs

for a long while after
i walked to the express station at 72nd street
to avoid another fall

like that woman 
when i do go down those stairs
i stay in the middle
i know 
it seems 
as if 
it would make 
more sense
 hold onto the hand rail
thats where/what i was doing 
when i fell

there's a tread there on the right thats skewed
the heel on my snowboots caught
pitching me forward
since i was holding at the time
 i really twisted oddly
 smashing my face 
landing on my knees

i have a scar on my shin 
its a reminder 
to stay alert 
 watch my step


  1. Wow - that must have been a horrible fall!

  2. It hurts looking at those stairs and thinking how were flying downwards!
    It seems that such dangerous treads should be repaired immediately.

  3. That's a long fall and scary looking. Best to take your time.


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