it snowed!

hello snow!
new york city was supposed to get a dusting
we got a few inches
it was cold
really cold
 it was pretty while it fell

i loved
 seeing people walking their dogs

i loved
seeing the snow on things

i showed this photo to toonman

he said you showed me that
i said no i took this yesterday

he said
  you've taken it before



  1. If you've seen one snow covered bench, you've seen 'em all, according to the toonman.

  2. Toonman. :-)

    The snow looks so pretty, Daryl.
    We did not get any at all, but oh my goodness, it is brutally cold here.

  3. The dog has his booties on, that's nice. My dog never liked them and wouldn't let e put them on. She won, I stopped and we went for a walk.

  4. ;-) Toonman!
    Thank you for sharing your snow!! Beautiful!

  5. Re: Toonman's response---I photograph things over and over! I really like the snow on the curves of that bench.

  6. That's funny. Hey, at least he's paying attention!

  7. MEN!!! HAhaha :)

    You'd be very happy here if you like to see snow on things!! We've already had a couple of snowfall records broken for December month. We are usually wondering if we'll have a white or green Christmas---not this year though :)


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