back to work!

that is the terminus of the E train
last stop
all off

i dont ride the E
i ride the 1 2 or 3

the re-building of the PATH
a passage between
 the Park Place station 
which has stops for both lines as well as the A train
 the new World Trade 
via the magnificent
Calatrava Oculus

Tuesday morning it was cold enough for me to want to stay underground
so i wandered along the long tiled passage to that old new doorway

i didnt take photos
i was on my way home  
some hours later
 new photos
 to share 
feels good

more later

a small note:
 staying underground 
 for the near future 
there wont be any 
under the canopy snaps 



  1. Glad you're on the mend.
    new photos
    to share
    feels good "

    Yeah. You're a blogger

  2. There's a PATH network in Toronto's downtown core as well, which I imagine comes in handy.

  3. I am glad you're feeling better!! :-)
    It sounds like the next few days will be a good time to stay way underground.
    We'll be going quite a bit below 0 here. :-(

  4. glad to hear your feeling better. New photos, I need some too :)

  5. Happy you are feeling better.
    Looking forward to your photos. I did peek at your IG today. The wand ;-)
    Oh boy my friend....


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