what a mess

one morning last week
i got up at my usual ungodly early hour of 5
of course i had been awake since 4
jack feels
 i need 
at least an hour of 
crying whining jumping on off the bed 
to wake

i dont

my routine in the morning is
 get up, out of bed
walk into the living room
turn on the lights
fend off the cats
head into the bathroom
i feed them

 the morning
 i am going to tell you about
i deviated
i walked into the living room
spied a zappos box on top of the temporarily 
(for the last 10+ years) 
placed chest of drawers

oh wow my slippers got here after i went to bed last night 
i thought

i stepped closer
a puddle of
 i thought one of the cats had an accident
got some paper towels 
container of clorox wipes

 i began to wipe up the wet 
hit me on the head


i looked up


oh my gawd
the ceiling is leaking

wake toonman
put lots of towels on the floor
call our neighbor/landlord
he turns off the water to the toilet in their guest bathroom

dramatic beginning to a long day
sadly repeated the next morning
turned the water back on
 before the plumber/handyman came

that evening
 day two of the leak
the aforesaid handyman and his assistant arrived
they cut a hole in the ceiling
 to see
the leak was

that being ascertained
 they sealed a crack in a connector pipe

alls well

well not all

friday morning 
 the temporarily closed hole 

the handymen returned
re-opened the ceiling
re-checked the pipe
flushed the toilet
ran the water in the sink


turns out 
something between the toilet and the pipes was 'off'

its now fixed/replaced

the hole in the ceiling 
the furniture all moved to one side of the living room

sometime late this week it will be closed
hopefully for good

here's a video i hope it plays


  1. Oh, not fun at all!
    I am so glad that things are getting back together for you, and I sure hope it stays that way.

  2. Well, that must have been traumatic! Quite a sudden way to wake up at 5am, stepping in a big puddle and being dripped on.

  3. Not a nice way to start the day but glad it is now fixed and didn't do much damage.

  4. Yikes! after 20 years on the boat, water rushing in (and it DID!) still sets me in a panic. At least you won't sink, which is what I told myself when JUST THE SAME THING happened in our Waikiki apt we moved into FROM da boat! The other day a drop of water hit my arm from the skylight and I freaked out. Condensation. I love condensation now, because it's not a burst pipe or sinking (even slowly) boat. Oh, And I'm up at 5:30, but yes, malingering in bed earlier than that. LOL.

  5. Ugh.. I feel for you and I hope that everything is fine now and life can get back to normal - being awakened repeatedly in a feline manner and just stepping into an occasional fur ball instead.

  6. Golly, what a Good Morning! ;-)
    I am up at 5:30 ... today it was cold -20 as cold arctic air blows over Wisconsin. I did not want to get out of my cozy bed.



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