weekend blather

i really do love the dark mornings
i certainly will miss the 
twinkle lights 
when the tree seller is gone 

it was a cold lazy weekend

i took off early
harry had an appointment with a specialist vet
skin issues 
he'd had since august 
will now 

harry is fiv+
that means 
his immune system doesnt work 
 simple problems become big ones
this skin thing 
will not go away 
the treatment wont be worse than the actual problem

most importantly
he's happy 
playing with toys 
eating well 
interacting with his 'siblings' 
being brushed, loved and snuggled

beautification day 
boy did i need it

interesting only to me
i saw 
one small group 

a bowl of popcorn to nosh 
while we watched
the girl on the train

i hadnt read the book 
so i dont know 
if other than moving the setting
to westchester from london
there were other changes

it was a good movie
well written/acted

mozart in the jungle is back on amazon prime
we watched two episodes of that

the trouble
 in my opinion 
ten 1/2 hour episodes a season?
you can gobble them up in one weekend 
(we didnt)
then there's none left

much much colder
hibernating with an e-book
toonman is tuned into football

how was your weekend?


  1. Had a very busy weekend. Attended my work Children's Christmas party yesterday with my daughter and Baby Harper. We are involved in many new things since our granddaughter arrived. She is almost 10 months old now. This Christmas promises to be very special!!
    Bracing for our first major winter storm--30 cm of snow forecasted for tonight and tomorrow with high winds....snow day, maybe??!! :)

  2. We hosted our first Christmas party. Simple ... Fun ... baked potato bar, a strawberry dessert and games. :-)

  3. Finished a book I started Wednesday on Sunday. Grisham's The Whistler. It was pretty good. I've read most of his books thru the years. I read the Girl on the Train earlier this year and liked it. I just might watch it sometime to see the differences between the book and the movie.
    Have a good week!

  4. Good for Harry.

    I spent some of the weekend taking photos for blogs around Christmas, and as it turns out beyond Christmas.

  5. I love the pretty lights. I could happily leave our tree up for a few months until the days grow a bit longer.

  6. Hmm, that gives me an idea. Kerstin's big orange cat has some skin issues which will not go away and she's absolutely beside herself. The vet prescribed steroids but they make poor Charlie lethargic and unhappy. I'll link her in to your post.


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