watch out!

it looks like 2016 is in a rush to leave the building
(how about that for mixing metaphors!)
i for one wont be holding it back

the cold i came down with before christmas
brought along a cough that shook my back into spasms
a vacation week meant to be spent doing all sorts of things
turned into a week spent healing
kept me 
from sitting
from getting out and taking new photos 
from social media'ing
from purging the cupboards and closets

thank goodness for bloggers post ahead
thank goodness for blog friends 
for comments left 
even tho i could sit long enough to reply


  1. Oh dear, you must feel like it's a wasted week. Being sick is truly a waste of time. I've been binge watching Game of Thrones while I say goodbye to my cold. Not a bad one, just lingering. Now I'm hooked on GOT and will have to be more productive next week. Feel better soon! Happy 2017.

  2. Similar for me. I took a week off and I am way off because of whatever I have.

    Wishing you and Toonman a great 2017 except I hope that the Giants lose to the Cowboys.

  3. I am so sorry about your week, Daryl, and I sure hope you are feeling better now.
    I also hope that the New Year bring you only wonderful things.


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