twinkle, sparkle, glow!

 i promised 
the holiday decorations 
around town

i guess
 i need to say
 around town
 down near the office

the entryway to 1WTC is covered in white christmas tree 'decals'

the side streets off west broadway and greenwich street have stars hanging from the lampposts

the lobby of 7WTC has blue lights, trees covered in tiny bulbs and menorahs


walking/shopping distance 
my apartment

the trees along the sidewalk on west 65 street sparkle

time warner center has hung its tradition shining stars which glow in changing colors

the windows of apthorp pharmacy are decorated with fun blocks and little figurines


  1. It makes a city always so festive all the decorations and lights.

  2. Love the row of lighted trees...that is my favorite.

  3. It's all going on! There's a strange out of the way Holiday Inn close to a university here and they've gone mental. Not just the inn but every tree on the property is strung with fairy lights in different colours. I'll try to get a photo.

  4. It's wonderful to see the different ways the city decorates itself.

  5. Beautiful decorations- that tree at 7WTC especially.


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