colors of autumn

seasonally vibrant sky 
serves as background
the changing (dying) leaves
the trees 
riverside park

took it while waiting for the M5 on saturday
bussed it to midtown
a morning appointment with my dentist
he's terrific
he has saturday hours once a month

extreme security
policemen/women in clusters
along fifth avenue
between 58th street and 56th street
forming a barrier to 'his' tower

sawhorses blockading fifth avenue
narrowing it to one traffic lane

after the dentist
 i walked uptown
 madison avenue
for a bit
heading crosstown
back to the 'hood
to beautify

i had hoped to meet a friend
for a walk in central park
an aprés dental work head/jaw ache
sent me home
 to relax
take tylenol
 watch a movie with toonman

x-men: apocolypse
was a fun escape

i love cheesy action movies

last weekend
we watched
 star trek - beyond

what did you do?


  1. At last, we had a rainy Sunday and it was very welcome. I watched TV, took a nap, ate way too much, drank some wine, and generally gave myself permission to have no rules on a wonderful rainy day. I love your new header photo!

  2. It snowed here! I mostly caught up with work, did shopping for Thanksgiving, and had drinks with the neighbors. I ADORE your header photo.

  3. Those leaves do look nice with the blue sky in the background. Last weekend we had freezing rain, some occasional sun and cold temps. So, I did some reading.
    Your new header is a beauty!

  4. What a pretty photo, Daryl. I love the colors of the leaves against the blue sky.
    What did I do?? In one word...SHOVELED all weekend, and there will still be more to do.
    About 18 inches worth of shoveling, but it really is so pretty out there now.
    As soon as I get a break, it will be cooking for Thanksgiving. :-)

  5. Beautiful fall colours!

    We had snow- and it's still falling.

    I went to one of the national historic sites here yesterday, a house that was home to two of our prime ministers. The place was open because it was the 175th birthday of the first of those two.

  6. Oh my goodness Daryl. I bet you'll feel much better in a few days...and better still after "he" vacates to Washington. Yesterday was Robert's birthday so we had a riotous day of baking a whole roast turkey meal while driving 100km out into the country for a mooch around and a movie. We saw fantastic beasts and where to find them. Hilarious fun. :D

  7. Well, at least you like your dentist, it could be worse.


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