once upon a time
i was a night person
i took the sunrise as a personal affront
i could stay up til all hours every night of the week
i would spend sundays sleeping the day away

that was a long time ago
it feels like it was in another life
in a way it was

i love my life
 i have no regrets
maybe one or two 
very minor ones

yesterday was the highest most holy day if you are a jew
i am tho most of the time i am not observant

when i was much younger 
my mother said
 i should never ever work 
on rosh hashanah or yom kippur 
the gentiles who employed me 
would not respect me

i think her feelings 
belonged to another time
 i listened 
i obeyed

so yesterday i was home
i slept in
i unplugged
i fasted
i didnt make it to sundown 

around 5ish i had a headache 
i went for a walk
i ended up outside starbucks
i broke fast with a venti latte
hey what can i say

i survived being unplugged
it didnt feel bad at all

this morning i was up at 5
tho really
 the cats
specifically jack 
wake me around 4

fed the cats
 the news
the weather report
walked in the dark to the subway

i like the quiet

i like morning

i never thought
 i would say that
i like the morning


  1. Hey, I hear you. I am up alone now, sipping a great cup of coffee and watching the daylight creep into the skies. I love to cozy up in my favourite big chair in silence to check my email, my favourite blogs and the weather forecast.

    I, too, used to be able to stay up late, and still function the next day, and repeat the same pattern for several days. I would never be able to do that now!!! Now that I am older (and wiser???), I realize that I really need my rest.

    I love to relax and not feel rushed at all before I go out the door to start my day. But it's Friday!!!! :)

    Hope you have a great weekend in that gorgeous bustling city of yours!
    Cheers :)

  2. The best moment of the day is when I snuggle into my nice warm bed... early... with a good book. The next best moment of the day is sipping on my coffee and watching the sun warm my back yard.

  3. I much prefer the mornings to night. If I had to get up, get presentable, and head out the door, it might be a different story at this point in my life.

  4. I can say that after 14 years of figure skating and 6am on the ice practice, I've never been an evening person. No idea what that even looks like. I'm toast by 9pm! I hope you have a wonderful holy day, and I hear you about the coffee and headache combo. I sometimes treat my headaches with caffeine. Better than Tylenol.

  5. I need time to settle into mornings. I prefer the evenings.

  6. I love the peace and quiet of the early morning, good for a walk.

  7. I so know what you mean here, Daryl.
    For me, the very best time of the day is the early (VERY) morning. xo.

  8. I am the same ... when I was in college I would have laughed at the idea of waking up at 5am without an alarm because I wanted to. I loved working in the quiet of the pre-dawn.


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