apple picking

here in nyc
on the upper westside
apple picking 
the farmers markets

this one is legendary
every sunday
rain or shine
it spans columbus avenue
behind the museum
(of natural history)
from 77th to 82nd 


  1. Nothing better than farm-fresh apples -- so very different from the bland grocery store fruit.

  2. Markets are busy this time of year- my cousin owns an orchard, and he does a couple of farmer's markets in his area.

    One of our museums is hosting a farmer's market as well outside once a week these days.

  3. Yum! Are most of the apples from NY orchards?
    My friend Marv just got back from visiting Upper State NY, he brought back grape juice and wine. :-)

  4. It's apple season time, lots of kinds to choose from. I love apples in my oatmeal.


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