the dome garden

the corner of 84 street at amsterdam avenue
is home to the community garden
picutred here

one of 600 city oases here in nyc
supported by 
neighborhood groups
the green thumb division 
 the parks department

they really are little gems

this one called the dome garden
(named for the dome project)
 defied death back in 1994
when it was to be razed 
in order
 to build 35 public housing units
it continues to thrive 
to bring 
visual and spiritual joy 
to the area


  1. Oh how lovely! Those little gardens exist in Vancouver and in London, and probably in most cities now-a-days, but the one which I love the most is a community garden in the most homeless part of the city, with no walls or restrictions. Anyone who needs may walk in and pick some apples or something else. That's what I love to see; that community of giving.

  2. Community gardens add so much to the city's landscape.

  3. Not something I would expect to see in the city, and it is just gorgeous! xo.

  4. beautiful photos! hope you can visit our blog too! Thanks and have a nice day!


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