art on the street

sculptor isa genzhen's oversized orchids
greet visitors
central park

i was once gifted with live orchids
much like these
they bloomed
they died



  1. I tend to kill orchids too! Lovely street art.

  2. Hmm, not sure what I think of that. Kinda hard to tell unless one is there. It's probably very nice; huge phalaenopsis orchids without the leaves...hmm. I keep getting given orchids...that is to say, mom, being of a certain age, usually gets either orchids, soap or booze, and as she hates orchids, gives them to me. I love them, let them bloom in the house and stick them out on the porch in the dapples shade of a maple as soon as may comes, and then completely ignore them for the rest of the season. In October, they come back inside for protection and I'll be dammed if they don't rebloom!!!

  3. Oh how pretty! (Yes, I'm returning from the land of the lost!)

  4. That is pretty.

    I can be trusted with cacti, but that's pretty much it. Any other plant ends up meeting a bad end.


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