on the street

free wifi kiosks
 have been popping up
 along broadway
 over the last month or two

you can 
charge your mobile phone
you can
 surf the net
you can
 call 911

i dont think 
they intended
to become 
someone's 'home' office

that person
 couldn't tell if it was a guy or gal 
tipped over a newspaper kiosk 
to use as a bench while charging their device

of course 
i had to share/get a photo


  1. Here I am! That's a brilliant photo, but more to the point, that's a lovely service for NY-ers. Robert is peeking over my shoulder and is asking what that beautiful building is in our header.

  2. What a great service. It's nice to have some free things offered in a big city. With the way things have gone in SF the past couple years, it's become very unfriendly to people who aren't wealthy.

  3. Great service indeed. Too funny that someone settled in for the long haul.

  4. My son tells me that these are popping up in Boston too.
    I think it's a great idea, and I hope that those who use them with be thoughtful of others who want/need to use them. xo.


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