how i spent my time away, part 1

what adventures i had

there were storms in ohio wednesday night
they affected flights in and out
my original flight was early morning thursday
ended up getting a flight at 1pm

plans to 
meet a friend/former blogger in person
 go to the museum 
all postponed 

when i finally got there
 we stopped briefly
 for a
 snick snack
(a term my mom used which frankly i thought she made up but an internet search revealed that was wrong)

we had delicious pizza
in covington, ky
(did you know if you fly to cincinnati you land in kentucky? yup)

no, not there
that just caught my eye
the pizza place 
we did eat in
 was not so photogenic 
 pizza was excellent

after our snick snack
 we decided to drive around a bit 
to see 
what had changed 
since i visited last year

i am a yearly visitor
 not always in summer

this fun sign was new

this carousel was too

then we headed
(over the rhine)
its in the process of rejuvenation

the skies looked 
very threatening 

 we headed to dinner
we parked just as the rain began
by the time
it ended we were joined by
a friend of mary's
and a good time was had by all

more tomorrow!

(edited because i got dinner thursday and friday reversed)


  1. Except for the flight in, it sounds like the beginning of a great time away! xo.

  2. Quite a way to spend a weekend. Yes, that sky did look threatening.

  3. So this just went on: I said out loud and primarily to myself, "you fly into KY to get to Cincinnati." And R said, "You know, I was just wondering about that, if I wanted to get to Cincinnati, where would I fly into, and you told me! Right out of the blue! Amazing. Um..." (He's heavily into sarcasm.)and I said "Oh, Daryl went there." And R said, "bet there are a lot of churches there." and then we spent a few minutes looking at all the ridiculous church names. LOL yup, we're normal. :D

  4. Finally catching up with your adventures! Stormy skies, but good photo ops too.


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