two dogs waiting

 these two waiting outside zabar's
dont know if their person
in the zabar's cafe or the retail store
i cannot say 
whether or not 
zabar's now permits dogs
as some food stores/restaurants do 

the law was changed as i have mentioned 

i was on a mission 
needed caffeine 
had some periodontal surgery early in the morning

hadn't had any coffee 
it was going on 2pm
a raging headache was the result

how did i know 
it was lack
caffeine vs the surgery?
 i know my headaches

what should have been
 a quick trip to starbucks
one barista
one order taker
for a long slow line

iced coffee in hand
 i headed back to 
my bed 
my ice packs
my cats

headache out


  1. Oh man Daryl...that is NOT good. Dental "issues" are the absolute worst. That is one thing that I just cannot creates all sorts of problems for me! I sure do hope you are feeling better. The dogs look like they were waiting quite patiently for their owner.

  2. Glad you know how to doctor yourself:) Hope you are feeling much better this day.

  3. Aren't they sweet! Hope you feel better soon.


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