sign sez

its fridaycation again

i hope our skies will be clearer than these
that's the staten island ferry sign

i know 
i have a strange way of looking at things


  1. Some may think it strange...but I LOVE the way you look at things Daryl!! It has been unbelievably warm and humid here for this time of year...if this is any indication of the rest of the summer...we better have our A/C checked!!

  2. Fun! And enjoy your summer of long weekends

  3. Hey, hooray for Fridaycations! I love that view of that sign. I also love those kinds of signs. the other day I drove past the Mercedes dealer and they had all the red letters which spell the name down on the ground for polishing and all that was left were the brackets they snap into and I thought, "hmm, how hard would it be for someone to snap one of those letters out of its bracket?" I know, I'm bad, but I promise you that a life of crime just isn't for me. I still remember the time I just about had a heart attack breaking a small twig with catkins from a neighbours hedge because I wanted to paint it.


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