even in the evening

sunday evening
 the temperature was tolerable 
the humidity was still high

i had dinner with friends on 46th street
we walked up to columbus circle for coffee

when i left them
 i decided to keep walking

at 66 street
 i paused 
waiting for the walk sign
looked up 
 there in the darkening skies
water towers!


  1. Yep,there they are!! I am beginning to think that they are alive, waiting to take over and they'll jump down and cause havoc. Take care!

  2. Isn't it lovely to walk around on warm evenings? On Friday nights now there is the night market down at the pier and it's full of people and chaos and food and music and arts and crafts. And, since I live nine streets away from the ocean, nine blocks of less chaotic city streets for me to walk down to and back up from. I love it.


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