they're back!

the day i went to get my stitches out 
i was delighted to see
the fountains in columbus circle
 were back

as it seems
my sore throat



  1. Oh, that makes sense. I guess the fountains get turned off and the water blown out of the pipes so they don't freeze and burst...huh. About the only thing which gets turned off here in mild Van are the drinking fountains in the parks and along the sea walks. And actually, they're being replaced by these new kinds where, when turned off, the water sinks down into the pipes below freeze level and when turned on, they take a while for the water to rise to your mouth, causing all sorts of hilarity when people don't realise this and bob above it up and down and then suddenly the water shoots right into their nose!

  2. Drink some tea!

    I haven't noticed any fountains here yet, but they do shut them off for the winter. If they're not back on yet, they should be within a week or so.

  3. Beautiful :-)
    And I hope you feel better soon.
    xx oo

  4. This is so pretty.
    I sure hope you are feeling better soon, Daryl. xo.

  5. What a delight, summer can commence now!

  6. What a delightful sight! (And hope you feel better soon.)


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