for the first time 
as far back 
 i can remember
on some days
 that's just moments ago
it didnt rain 
memorial day monday

i met my sister for lunch
we'd been trying to do this for months
first i got sick
then it was mother's day 
we decided that was not a good day to go out to lunch
then she got sick
then we both had conflicts

we met at red farm
i chose red farm because its chinese food
with a definite neuvo twist
our mom loved chinese food
we looked over the menu 
there really wasn't 
anything she'd have wanted to eat
anything she would have recognized
she liked old school chinese food
i was sure 
she'd have made the waiter explain each dish 
in detail

my sister 
some amazing sashimi tuna in a 'salad'

i had an assortment of dim sum
this one in particular was amusing and delicious
crab stuff with duck and a veggie 'soup'


  1. Ha, well done you two! Finally! That must have been a relief that it didn't rain on your memorial day. Maybe it's the start of a trend now for the next as long as you can remember. Last weekend was the art in the garden tour, which I missed this year, obviously, but on the Saturday it didn't just rain, it was a such torrential deluge that it snapped a bunch of my rose stems...never mind the peonies, which are flatter than flat on the ground. I felt rather sad about that for the other gardeners taking part.

    I like your cute food looking up at Chloe shot a photo of some puffy chrysanthemums at a florist in Osaka, and they were dressed with pipe cleaners as cute bunnies and kittens and panda bears. I said to her that if Bryson ever brings her one, it's time to come home!

  2. Looks like a lovely lunch! Glad you finally got to spend some time together.

  3. Nice flowers and beautiful colours on the building.


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