more this and that

the damn newspaper delivery yesterday
got me all riled up 
 i never got to the good stuff

when i was home for a week
 the adenoid infection
 i had no energy
 i either slept
 i read 
no tv 
we dont have a tv in the bedroom
this is not a problem

i love to read
i devoured
jane smiley's amazing trilogy
spanning 100 years in the lives of one iowa farm family
beginning with 
some luck
followed by 
early warning
wrapping up with
golden age

i highly recommend it
it was not easy to put down

we went up to the roof 
sunday afternoon
for many years 
we lived on the 6th floor
going up to the roof 
was done almost daily
 during the spring and summer
it was one flight up
 we moved down to the ground floor
going up to the roof 
required getting on the elevator
it wasnt the same

of course 
there was also the period 
during which 
the roof was off limits
the plants trees had caused structural problems
now thats been fixed 
our friend and landlord is planting again
a visit to see whats growing was in order
its lovely
(i will share photos another time)

i also got to snoop on neighbors


  1. The world within and a glance of one's neighbors's lives. ;-)

  2. Thanks for the Jane Smiley tip, I have not read anything by her since "A Thousand Acres", which i loved.

  3. Snooping on the neighbours is very naughty!!!!

  4. I must confess to a little naughty snooping when I'm up on high. (like last June in Seattle) So bad but so much fun! That's a very elegant looking lady. Very New York.

  5. Must look up Jane Smiley! Hope you're better now.

  6. I imagine time spent on a rooftop in New York with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine would be quite special. I need to start reading again. I used to love love reading and I've become quite annoyed with myself at times that I cannot seem to sit down and read. I blame the Internet, really I do.

  7. I'm seeing a bit of a Rear Window moment coming along.

  8. Hee hee on the snooping. I'm waiting for my library copy of the second Jane Smiley to be available ... so will be reading soonish.


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