lazy blogger

well i went back to work on monday
by 10 it felt like 3

of course i had been up since 5 so ...

its good to be back
my regular routine

i am sure
 both the cats and toonman
its nice to have the apartment back 

its a banner day!

i have been delinquent
not just about blogging
aside from sleeping
there wasnt much to blog about

i have also
not had the energy
 sit at my computer
 to connect with you all

i promise
 to be
 less lazy
 i am on the mend


  1. Everyone deserves a time off for heaven's sake. Also, I bet Toonman and the cats miss you something rotten. (PS I miss Toonman's toons)

  2. Banner day? You seem to think this is just a normal thing and I guess maybe in NY city it is:)Glad you are up and about.


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