getting what you asked for ...

you know
 i have a weather fixation
i always tell you 
new york city

i dont lie

we went
 from a 
mild winter 
a wet
 occasionally warmish 
few weeks 
heat and humidity
the sort of humidity
 that makes 
getting my hair blown dry 


after my blow-dry on saturday
i did 
some erranding
some photo snapping
i walked along west 78th street
i think the townhouses on west 78th are the prettiest
there are 2 for sale 
how i wish i were rich

toonman took his walk early to avoid heatstroke
then put the ac in the bedroom
ga'bless him
i was able to sleep 12 hours
 without sweating 
without waking 
to the very noisy starting
 the hotel's and our friend's 
central air units

speaking of walking
since seriously walking (almost) everyday
toonman earned his first fitbit badge

way to go!!


  1. It's interesting how fast weather patterns change on the East Coast.
    I hope some fresher air and less humidity comes down from Canada soon!

  2. The townhouses in your header photo are very pretty. We've had such nice weather which is going to come to a screeching halt later this week when we have 100 in the forecast for Friday. Hoping Mother Nature changes her mind because I just don't like heat. I am a fair weather gal. Congrats to your sweetheart for his accomplishment!

  3. Tulsa doesn't have much of a spring also. Just winter and then sweltering summer. Couldn't do without central air here.

    kudos to Toonman. I gave up on fitbit. I lost another one. They offered a 25% discount off which is fine except their web site's prices are 30% higher than Amazon or anybody elses. So I bought a Garmin. Nicer technically but I sure do miss my "friends" on the fitbit dashboard and razzing the ones who had more steps than me and accusing them of cheating.

  4. First and foremost...WAY TO GO, TOONMAN!!!

    We had no spring here either. I planted my very first vegetable garden (ever). Completely wiped out by an unexpected heavy frost. Not to be beaten, I planted again. We'll see. Real hot here the last few days, but for right now, after the lousy weather we've had, it's definitely a welcome thing! xo.

    P.S. Not sure how this compares with NYC, but Kenneth is looking to buy in Boston. Right now, in a decent (safe) area? About $1390/sq. ft. Crazy!

  5. Love those townhomes. If I were rich, I'd be your neighbor in a heartbeat. Good for Toonman. I gave up on Fitbit after several starts and stops. It's just too much trouble, and getting the damn bracelet attached is a major problem.

  6. Lovely townhouses, and good for Toonman. It was humid here as well over the weekend. Felt a bit more pleasant this morning, though.

  7. Way to go Toonman! Congratulations! Hope you two are having a good weekend :)

  8. You've Got Mail :-) My favorite NYC movie. The townhouses reminded me of Kathleen Kelly's home.

  9. I know -- from wet and chilly to boiling hot in a flash. And my hair? Don't ask.

  10. Love townhouses!
    You always took gorgeous photos, Daryl!
    Just good for Toonman!
    Wishing you both a nice weekend.


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