my friends
 elizabeth and robert's
darling buster
 has passed

he will be sorely missed


  1. Oh, Daryl, I'm so sorry your friend's Buster has passed away. May he rest in peace. Sending hugs to your friends...

  2. Dear Daryl,
    Thank you so much for this! I remember when you came to visit Buster when he was a puppy and how much he loved the little toy you brought him.
    Do hope we meet again very soon now the weather is getting better! oxoxo

  3. I'm sorry for their loss. He looks like he was a grand fellow.

  4. RIP Buster. You look like a fine fellow. Say hello to Wendydog, Blackie, Sweep, and Shebah when you see them.....

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  6. Oh! No! I am so very sorry and sad to hear that adorable Buster has passed away. My heart aches for Elizabeth, Robert and family for their loss... I know that dear Buster brought to both so much love, joy and friendship. I always loved reading his blog and loved seeing photos of dear Buster.
    Such a sweetheart. He will be sorely missed...

  7. Thank you for posting this lovely picture.
    Poor Buster.
    We miss him so much.


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